Microphone Masters Radio Show #247

Microphone Masters Radio Show #247 on Dubcnn with J-Luv and Starr Saxxxon. From the Big East Coast, Pounds (@pounds448) joins the show. Oftentimes when you think of East Coast Hip Hop or Underground Hip Hop from that side of the country, words like grimey and gritty come to mind with audio soundscapes that allow the best of wordsmiths to paint a vivid lyrical picture. Pounds possesses the voice and the skills to create a soundtrack of the streets. He talks about his Supreme obsession, what makes him smile and the often avoided topics that are rarely broached.

Check out tracks like the new one from Blaze Rock and Pac0naut knows as BP Mercenaries, Blu & Exile, Masta Ace, SugaKane and Black Soprano Family to name a few.

Black Soprano Family – Quarantine

Blu & Exile feat Fashsawn – Requiem of Blue


BP Mercenaries – Kilgrims

Run the Jewels feat 2Chainz – Out of Sight

Pounds Conversation Part 1

Pounds – Hard Times

Wisecrvcker – Take Aim

Masta Ace – Young Black Intelligent

Pounds Conversation Part 2

Pounds – Jenga

Ghostface Killah – Youngstown Heist

Big Daddy Kane – Warm it up, Kane


Sugakane – Westineers

Dee-1 – Pause the Music

Butcher Brown – Gum in My Mouth

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