Microphone Masters Radio Show 9-20-19

Microphone Masters Radio Show Episode 220 with J-Luv and Starr Saxxxon featuring Illogic (@illogic614). Illogic is not afraid to talk about what is on his mind. From emcee mastery to depression and real life issues, he is not to be lost in the sea of sound-alike artists. J-Luv was able to link with the emcee/producer/photographer to talk about his new 8 track opus A Change in Mantra. They discuss whether or not Illogic has any regrets on passed up opportunities, how his love of photography fits into his career and whether or not he feels pressure to stand out in the market.

Soundscapes provided by PhdBeats (@phdbeats)

Check out songs from Blaine Coffee, Gangstarr, Masta Ace, Truth, Illogic, Glasses Malone, LegSweep Specialist and more.


Gangstarr feat J-Cole – Family and Loyalty

Illogic & DJ Criminal – Look but Don’t Touch

Blaine Coffee – GOAT

Illogic Conversation Part 1

Illogic & DJ Criminal – Experience

Dr. Dre feat Kendrick Lamar – Deep Water

Danger Doom – S.O.S. (So Old School)

Tash & Dae One – Stick Around

Illogic Conversation Part 2

Illogic & DJ Criminal  – Mission

Illogic & DJ Criminal  – Flight Plan

LegSweep Specialist – Tell Um What it Is

Locksmith – Devil’s Lasso


Masta Ace feat Evidence – E.A.T.

Glasses Malone – Thug By Myself

Truth – TNT

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