Microphone Masters Radio Show 9-27-19

Microphone Masters Radio Show Episode 221 with J-Luv & Starr Saxxxon. Special Guests: Big Runts (@bigrunts) and Eddie Kaine (@_eddiekaine)

Big Runts are a duo comprised of Cris G and Bulldogg Steven. Hailing from Los Angeles and Boston respectively, they call L.A. home and make it their mission in life to rock crowds and impress underground Hip Hop circles. Starr Saxxxon came across the talented cats and he made it a point to get them on the show. They talk about overcoming obstacles, including being little people in the world of Hip Hop. Both of the members were born with to rare conditions, “Achondroplasia” and “SED”. They also touch on their style and chemistry.

Eddie Kaine represents for his Bed-Stuy Brooklyn home turf. With his debut, Aruku ready for the world to consume, Eddie stops by Microphone Masters to talk about the project and understanding that not all in your surroundings are hoping for your success.

Catch songs from Wascals, Eddie Kaine, Kwest the Madd Ladd, Big Runts, Cypress Hill and more.


Del the Funky Homosapien – Naked Fonk

Eddie Kaine – Part 1

Eddie Kaine – Aruku

Deraj feat Too Short – Sloppy Seconds Leftovers

Eddie Kaine – Part 2

Eddie Kaine – Everything’s a Go

Trendz of Culture – Valley of the Skinz

Eddie Kaine – The Illest

Big Runts – Part 1

Big Runts – Broke No More

Kwest the Madd Ladd – Disnexone

Big Runts – Runnin’ from 12

Big Runts – Part 2

Big Runts – Block Boyz

Wascals – The Dips


Cypress Hill – Boom Biddy Bye Bye

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