Run Streak

by Javon Adams

There was a time that I had run everyday for more than 3 years. During that time I ran my first 1/2 marathon and marathon. Each day I ran at least one mile. There were times that I didn’t want to put in that minimal amount of work but I dedicated myself to keep it going. After all, it was only one mile. When I traveled out of town with the family I would throw on my running shoes and log my miles. It got to the point where family and friends knew better than to try and dissuade me from my goal. There were times when I was sick and to my wife’s chagrin I recorded my mile before taking a dose of Nyquil. The stream ended one day when I was a little too sick.

I vowed to start a new streak and I did but with little success. Stops and starts (more stops than starts to be honest). My most recent run streak began on December 30th, 2020 after an Achilles injury. My goal is to fight through the malaise and rediscover what made that streak so fun for me. It became a mental thing. And for 3 years I was able to claim victory over the thoughts that told me to sit on the couch or just ‘skip’ a day.

The streak could end at any time, after all it is in it’s infancy, but it will not be for lack of effort. One day at a time. One mile at a time.

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