Friends, How Many of Us Have Them?

by Javon Adams

Western Block (J-Luv -L and Blaze Rock – R)

2018 was a challenging year. In January of that year I was in an auto accident that resulted in my paid off Honda Accord being totaled. Both parties involved in the accident were fine (although one party attempted to take advantage of the situation). To add insult to injury, I was underperforming at the job I had at that time. Some of it was a lack of training but most of it was my fault. My time was short for that job and I was uncertain. My wife came to me at some point in that month with an opportunity that resulted in my eventual transition into small business ownership with the pressure washing and window cleaning segment (www.majsesticservices.net). In February of that year I left the job and set off to grow Majestic Services and learn the business ins and outs. 

As my ex-business partner used to say, ‘It is not rocket science but you just have to have a plan when you attack a job.’ I was stuck in a malaise perhaps because I was not rising every morning to head into a job that provided me a paycheck. I oftentimes referred to it as betting outside of the Matrix. I had freedom…and inconsistent revenue to boot. I was running 3, 4 and 5 miles a day but they were half-hearted miles. More walking than running plus a poor regimen of eating discipline equals GAINING weight. I was in a state of disarray. 

Most of you may not know that I am involved in music. I know the website, www.jluvmusic.com should provide a lot of context clues but one can never be too sure. I have released music solo and with my original group, Tha Unda but my longest group relationship has been with Marlos Hill aka Blaze Rock. We have been friends for nearly 20 years and our relationship began after watching him perform at a local show. Our two man tag team called Western Block is a great blend of aggressive hip hop. Blaze Rock has an extensive catalog that is definitely work checking out. 

Given Blaze’s high level of output and quality of work, he can stay busy if he chooses to. In 2017 he and a group of talented local artists embarked on a tour that covered New Mexico and Texas. In 2018 the same collection of artists were preparing to tour for a 2nd year. One day as I was sitting on the couch, falling further into depression, Blaze reached out to me to invite me to accompany him and the other guys on the tour. Without hesitation I said, ‘Yes’.

When my wife came home I told her about the invite and she was more enthusiastic than me. The tour would only be about a week so the time away from home was minimal and Blaze was more than happy to cover my costs. From our conversations he was aware of my low mood. He did not have to do that, but he did. 

We wrecked every show and the chemistry was on full display. The conversations we had on the road and even the comfortable silence between friends as the miles flew by will always be special. Running in New Mexico and Texas and trying some great IPAs at breweries were great experiences.

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