by Javon Adams

I used to wait until January first to declare my ‘goals’. As they year drew to a close I would figure out what I wanted to accomplish in the next 365 days beginning on January 1st. Eventually I realized that this way of thinking was flawed. If I have set me mind to accomplish a new goal in October or July why should I wait until the ball drops on New Year’s to work towards this goal? You can change your life today and there is no need to wait for some arbitrary date on the calendar to put your dreams/goals in motion. Having said that, sometimes it is a good thing to use the calendar to set annual goals.

As we usher in the new year, I will be setting a goal of 1,500 running miles for 2021. That is definitely a push goal for me and I look forward to stretching myself. This will require discipline and sacrifice. I recently endured a right Achilles issue and it made me appreciate the times I have to run. Whether a mile or (speaking into existence) 20 mile runs, I want to maximize what my body can achieve. That will mean fewer IPAs and more fruit smoothies but I am ok with that.

I look forward to journaling the inevitable ups and downs over the next 365. My achilles is still a bit tight and my laziness wanted me to avoid running today. So I logged a mile but a mile is better than zero miles.

Set your goals. Effort to reach and exceed them but don’t beat yourself up if you stumble along the way.

Happy New Year

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