Keep Running

by Javon Adams

My goal was to run 7 miles. As I drove to one of the trail entry points near Rio Vista Park, my mind began to wrestle with me.

Isn’t it a little too chilly to run?

Maybe you should just take a rest day.

Go home and spend some time with the family.

I sat in the truck for more minutes than I should have but I finally opened the door and began to stretch. I amended my run from 7 miles to a quick ½ mile out and back to make 1 mile. Begrudgingly, I set out on my run and tried to muster up the energy to even complete my new lower goal. I ran for a minute and then slowed to a walk. After repeating that process for nearly a mile I noticed a slight shift in my attitude.

I had already passed the ½ mile turnaround point and had begun to run for longer distances. Now, mind you I have not returned to my previous form of being able to run for 1-3 miles before taking a walk break but I have come to appreciate an uninterrupted 3/10th, ½ mile much more. So, as the night fell upon the paved trail I resolved to make an amended loop and let the distance fall where it may.

With the music in my ears and the chilly night air on my hands and bare arms, I fell into a rhythm. At times my feet felt lighter than they have in months and was glad I had not given in to the negative thoughts. My original goal of 7 was not met but even with a little over 4 miles logged, I was proud of myself. The little victories are ones that should be celebrated.

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