by Javon Adams

Congratulations to the Grad!

Recalibration is defined as the adjust or correct the gradations or settings on something, most often machinery. This word is used frequently in the business world to regain focus on a goal. When we forget why we started a journey, an adjustment of our settings can get us back on track. My wife’s graduation ceremony at GCU served as a little recalibration. She earned her MSN in December of 2019 but was not able to enjoy the pomp and circumstance because of a little thing called Covid. So, after a long delay she was able to wear her cap and gown and cross the stage. They joy in her face reminded me of the time and sacrifices that she made along the way. The peaks and valleys that included self doubt and elation when she earned high marks on a paper (which was very often).

The keynote speaker, a member of the graduating class delivered an entertaining yet concise speech. She had two points and the one that stuck with me was to ‘be where your feet are’. In short, it refers to being present in the moment with whatever you are doing and be intentional. Oftentimes we wear many hats and try as we may, not every aspect of our lives gets the level of attention it deserves. But make time for the things that do matter and when you are doing them i.e. spending time with the family or working on a paper…or running, be present in those moments and enjoy them. Give those moments your best effort. 

When I was running my mile this morning I could not help but to think of how my wife makes every effort to be ‘present where her feet are’. She wants to be everything to everybody and I love her for that. She gives her all when she spends time with her mom on a ladies day out. She wants to record those family moments on our Friday Family Nights. She pours herself into her Girl’s Trips with her best friends. She lifts me up and encourages me to be better than I am. 

Congratulations to my wife on another great achievement. And thank you for the recalibration! Love you.

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