Ultramarathon: Am I Crazy?

by Javon Adams

Running Streak: 64

What the heck is an Ultramarathon? And what would make someone crazy enough to attempt one? The definition of an ultramarathon is, ‘ a long-distance race that is longer than a marathon (26.2 miles). Ok, got it. But why would someone choose to subject themselves to a marathon, let a lone any distance beyond that? I came across a couple of reasons that ultramarathoners cited:

  1. Community – The ultramarathon community is often referred to as a family of sorts. While Runners World published an article in January 2021 citing a marked increase in the participation in Ultras, many races have fewer participants than a 10k or half marathon. In fact, according to RunningInsight.com, only .03 percent having completed an Ultramarathon compared to .05 percent that have completed a marathon. Those smaller numbers can lead to more relationship building as you may see many of the same people at various races.
  2. Challenging – The same RunningInsight.com article cites that part of the allure of the ultramarathon is the ‘bigger and bigger challenge…’ it presents to dedicated runners.

Add me to the list of those that are looking for a bigger challenge as I have officially registered for my first ultramarathon. It is a 50 miler in May that will be in Philadelphia. This will be my farthest distance by far as I completed my one and only marathon in November of 2017. I have written before about my up and down journey since that accomplishment. I am happy to be on day 65 of my running streak and think I need that goal to force me to get my nutrition, weight and stretching in order. So, why not an extremely challenging task, right?

I will be sharing my journey and I look forward to giving what I have to cross that finish line.

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