Weekend Goals part 3: Redemption

by Javon Adams

Weekend Goals part 3

I have heard the following saying a few times, “You never fail, you LEARN”. Allow me to put that to the test as I head into the weekend. Big pressure washing job that starts early Sunday so I imagine that I will be physically spent by midday. Looking forward to the EZ Sports Talk Show Saturday morning. The goal for this weekend is a 10k or 6.10 miles. It has been a couple of weeks since I hit the trail so I am excited to get a little dusty. 

Living in the Southwest part of the Valley, I don’t get the opportunity to hit the trails in the East Valley very often. Oftentimes I will end up at Tempe Town Lake but that does not have the same sense of welcomed isolation that places like the McDowell Mountain Regional Park offer. So I think I will enter the coordinates in the GPS and enjoy the beauty that this state offers. 

Happy running!

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