Microphone Masters Radio Show 8-9-19

Microphone Masters Radio Show Episode 215. J-Luv and Starr Saxxxon welcome Rasco. This Hip Hop veteran began his career in earnest in the late 90’s on independent stalwart, Stones Throw Records. Long before Madlib and Quasimoto became underground heroes, Rasco, aka Solefather Rasco was laying the foundation for underground Hip Hop in the Bay Area. His single, The Unassisted is an underground classic and was featured in the Hip Hop Bible, The Source. J-Luv catches up with Rasco to talk about his life as an independent artist, running his own label, giving his friends an opportunity, transitioning to life after Hip Hop and returning to the artform that started it all.

Catch songs from Rasco, Plant Asia, Marquel Deljuan, Runlike, Mazhe and more.

Runlike – JusChill


Rasco – Suckas Don’t Respect It

Marquel Deljuan – Bills         

Rasco – Unassisted

Segment 1 Conversation Rasco  1 –

Mazhe – Wishful Thinking

Rasco feat Planet Asia & Tristate – Cali Monks

Rasco – This is What It Is

Segment 2 Conversation Rasco  2 –

Mystic feat Planet Asia – W

Concise Kilgore feat Cig Burna –  Z-28

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Panties in a Jumble

Segment 3 Conversation Rasco  3 –

 Rasco – 9 Lives

Tha Unda feat Rasco – Here We Come

Last Word

Masta Ace & Marco Polo feat Evidence – E.A.T.

Rasco feat Encore – Time Waits for No Man

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