I have been setting my alarm at 4am for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Not because I have to rise early to head off to work or log in to work from home. I set the alarm to log a run before the sun picks its head out to welcome a new day. Unfortunately, I always seem to turn the alarm off when it sounds and return to my dreams. My wife, as supportive as she is, is never happy when her sleep is disturbed and I just roll over and close my eyes. If I began to put on my running shorts, shirt and shoes she would have no qualms.

There was one day last week that I was able to roll over and rise. The night before, as I was setting my alarm for a 4:30am start, my wife peaked over my shoulder. She sighed and said, “I don’t know why you are setting that alarm, you aren’t going to get up.”

The following morning the alarm sounded and I contemplated turning it off but instead I sat up, took a deep breath and let my feet hit the floor. I got dressed, grabbed my keys and headed out the door. I only logged a mile but when I returned home after getting my morning coffee, my wife was just about to head out the door to work. She smiled confessed that she was surprised that I did not return to sleep but was proud of me for getting up.

You can read all of the books, listen to all the podcasts or audio books but the progress comes in the DOING. Take action.

When my alarm sounds tomorrow morning I will remind myself that it is time to DO, not dose.

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