Every Little Step

by Javon Adams

Run Streak: Day 2

Victory Steps at Verrado

Bobby Brown once sang, ‘Every Little Step you Take….’ and I must admit if there was a hidden camera in my room in Victorville, CA that I would’ve been seen dancing at a sweat inducing pace. In the aftermath of my weekend goal achievement, I woke up sore. *(Sidenote: I really need to make a concerted effort to stretch AFTER a run. My lovely wife often expresses concern as I walk, um limp, to the bathroom first thing in the morning.) I knew I wanted to log miles early so I could come back home to watch the Arizona Cardinals game with my wife and youngest son.

I have started to give my son cards on most mornings. Envision a ‘Thank You’ card sized note with quotes and words of encouragement scribbled on them. They range from quotes on focus and striving for greatness to perseverance. With the breath control struggles of the previous day I recalled one note that touched on being 1% better today compared to yesterday. I decided to head to Buckeye, more specifically the Verrado Steps. My goal was a short distance of only a couple of miles so instead of ascending the steps I began at the trailhead located 1/10 of a mile north. It was my first time on that trail and I was pleased to see that one of the paths led to the top of the Verrado Steps.

As I listened to a podcast by Gary Vaynerchuck, I took time to appreciate the climb, the view and the journey. When I reached the part of the trail that connected with the top of the stairs I began my descent. It is the oddest thing that I love rollercoasters with their precipitous drops but I hate climbing steps like the Verrado Stairs or running across bridges. Go figure.

That small loop was only about .60 miles so I took to other parts of the trail to manufacture another 1.40 for a total of 2 miles. My breathing was better and at some points of the run I ran .15 or more without stopping. Every Little Step. I was present, I learned a few things via the podcast and the sweat made me feel as though I accomplished something.

Word to Bobby Brown!

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