Run Streak Day 2

I am a runner. I have been running for 4+ years. Like many, the reason I started running was to shed pounds and I figured this was a great way to do it. I hated running for a long time but it was the means to an end. My feet hurt. I was (and still am) slow. Over time my opinion of running began to change and what once felt like a chore became something I looked forward to. If we were on vacation I made sure to run a mile, no matter what. I began a Run Streak and it lasted 981 days. Making a long story short, I am beginning a new run streak. I recently interviewed Ed Gsleeve (last name shortened to a nickname) for #MicrophoneMastersRadio after hearing of his Run Streak being covered in Runner’s World. He is a member of Black Men Run, a running group that I am a member of as well. He has chronicled his run streak which is at day 1228 as of this post and I thought this would be a great way for me to stay motivated and perhaps inspire someone like myself. So, here it goes…

Day 2 of the new #RunStreak and I made it to Lookout Mountain. The trails are not as well marked as other trails I have been on. Sometimes you approach a decision point and there is no signage that directs you. Located near 16th St and Bell (South of Bell), the trailhead is easy to find. I managed to get in 2.15 miles after running 5 miles Saturday, May 11th. My pace wasn’t the best but I felt better than I have on the day after a minimum 5 mile run. Now the key is consistently and not getting discouraged.

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