Run Your Race Chronicles: Make the Music

by Javon Adams

Working from home is both a blessing and a challenge. When the world shut down, my employer chose to send us to our respective homes with desktop computers and multiple monitors and the virtual grind began. While there are many of my co-workers that I get along with, I did not lament the fact that I would not see them five days a week. My oldest son was in the midst of his Freshman year of college on the other side of the country and my youngest was in 8th grade. 

I can remember the fear and sense of urgency that my wife and I felt trying to get our son home from school when his Spring Break turned into an evacuation.  Flights were hard to come by and after a flight itinerary that seemed to take far too long, our son was home. The hug we  shared when stepped out of the baggage claim said more than any words.  As schools in the state began going virtual, I was grateful to be home with my sons. 

The remote thing was going well and KPIs for the company were strong which was an indicator that people were doing what they were supposed to do. After a few days of being confined to my home, I began to take short drives after work to relax and calm my mind. The coffee shop that I would visit pre-pandemic was only using the drive thru and I began driving an additional 5 miles to a grocery store with a coffee shop located within just to get some human interaction. I guess I missed the routine of seeing those co-workers more than I realized. 

Running was still at the top of my list but my intensity and consistency began to suffer. Additionally, I had hoped to use the time at home to record some new music. One day I ordered a mic, an Audiobox 96 and purchased a recording program. These songs and concepts rolling around in my head were going to be masterpieces. Or so I thought.

When the equipment arrived I set it up and then it sat unused for weeks. Marlos, one of my closest friends, reached out to me one day and asked how things were going. He is an artist as well and we have recorded a few projects together. I remember making up some lame excuse and he saw right through it. After our conversation I recommitted to recording. I even recorded a couple of tracks but nothing substantial. 

What I realized was that being at home all the time had really began to take a toll on me creatively. I found it hard to separate clocking out of work at 4 in my office on my work desktop and swiveling 180 degrees in my chair to fire up my personal laptop and equipment to begin writing and recording. My friend Marlos did not have the same issues as he was very prodigious in his recording. I felt as though I should just throw in the towel until I began the process of removing the pressure I was placing on myself. 

I don’t have to record an album a week or a song a day as right now that may be unrealistic for me. But by doing nothing I was standing on the sidelines letting more and more time pass by as I did nothing at all. As I begin to apply the mantra, Run Your Race, to my music I want to eventually get to the point where I am producing a high level of content but as I work towards that consistency I know that some content is better than the zero content I am producing now. And maybe this work from home thing can turn out to be a great thing after all.

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