The Process: Running Motivation

by Javon Adams

This week has been a rewarding week. In a previous blog I lamented my failures with trying to rise before the cock crowed. In addition to a 9 to 5 I wear many hats and one of them is my pressure washing business (www.majesticservices.net). It is true when they say that networking is essential in any business and I am blessed to have some opportunities as a result of networking and relationship cultivation. The pressure washing jobs are in the evening and given the day job it presents a challenge with running. So I made up my mind to rise early to get my runs in and attack the rest of the day (and night) head on.

Sunday night I set my alarm for 4 a.m. and when the alarm sounded I sat up as opposed to rolling over. I got my miles in, albeit slowly, and the day was a success. Rinse and repeat for Tuesday as well. Both days I had pressure washing jobs to attend to after I clocked out of the day job. As I type on Wednesday, September 15th I am sore but fulfilled. It is a process to achieve the goals you set for yourself. I have financial, personal, health and other business goals but they will never get accomplished without the right midset. It is a process. And without conviction and desire those goals will not be achieved.

My road to becoming the runner I want to be is not a short one but this week has been an example of what I am capable of. I am even taking time to dust off the Ninja Professional blender to make some Peanut Butter and Banana smoothies instead of grabbing a fast food meal at lunch. 1% and the compound effect.

Enjoy the process

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