Weekend Goals Part 1

by Javon Adams

The weekend is here and the work doesn’t stop. Saturdays start with EZ Sports Talk Show on 1060AM in Phoenix. It is the weekly sports talk show I co-host with Ed Smith. For two hours we laugh and and discuss local and national sports. When you have a good partner like Ed, or EZ as he is nicknamed, time flies. Oftentimes after the show I drop my gear off at home and head out to get an afternoon run in before returning home for the evening. Sometimes the runs are uneventful because I might be going through the motions. 

With my commitment to being PRESENT during my runs I am going to run 5 miles on Saturday (though I give myself the freedom to log that distance Sunday as well). While never easy, that distance used to be achieved more frequently and I am looking forward to achieving that goal. Slow and steady wins the race and I’ll get it with one foot in front of the other. 

To be continued….

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