Weekend Goals part 2: Running Goal

by Javon Adams

Run Streak: 7 Burpee Streak: 2

Last weekend I set the goal of a 5 mile run and by hook or by crook I was able to achieve that goal. This weekend’s running goal is going to be a 10k run or 6.10 miles. This weekend has the potential to be very busy as I have a few pressure washing jobs (www.majesticservices.net) on Sunday and want to get them done early in order to spend some time with the family. Saturday is the best day to make this happen. Saturdays I crack the mic with my partner and brother, Ed Smith for EZ Sports Talk Show at 10 and I may have a music collab to work on after the show. 

What I have found is that the longer I wait to get my run in the more opportunities for excuses to pop up. The little devil on my left shoulder will say, ‘You know you don’t want to run today. You have done enough for the week. Relax. After all, you have pressure washing jobs tomorrow. What can it hurt’

Since I do not want to give into those temptations it means that I will have to get up early to knock out my goal. The benefit of running early is that if I feel good enough later in the day I can double up on runs. I won’t get too ahead of myself but I will make sure that my run gear is ready to go and avoid the urge to turn off the alarm and return to REM sleep. 

Happy running!

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