Weekend Goals part 2: Update

by Javon Adams

Running Streak: 11 Burpee Streak: 6

Going into the weekend I set a goal for myself to run a 10k or 6.10 miles. My plan was to complete the task Saturday morning before my radio show. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men. Translated it means no matter how carefully a project is planned, something can go wrong. In this case, I was the thing that went wrong and I procrastinated. I did not rise early to run on Saturday morning. I did run after the show but only 1 mile. 

I planned on completing my pressure washing jobs early Sunday morning but decided that I would tackle them Saturday evening instead and go running Sunday morning. I awoke Sunday morning and headed out for my run. I forgot that the Cardinal’s game was at 10am, not 1pm since they were playing back east. My family and I use the game as a time to hang out and it was only once my wife sent me a text to remind me of this that I came to a crossroad. I could run now or go home to watch the game with the family and run later. I chose the latter. 

The game was exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed the family time. During the game it started to rain as I set out to log my 6.1. I thought about grabbing a top that would soak up the rain but I thought better of it because I just knew that the rain would stop. It did not. The steady downpour and my lack of preparation resulted in two miles being completed. 

The lesson learned is to stick to the plan or at the very least, adjust to changing conditions. I can find solace in the fact that I continued running and moving forward is always better than standing still.

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