Weekend Goals part 3: Update

by Javon Adams

Run Streak: 16

Allow me to set the scene for the location of the run goals location where redemption was the theme. After driving from the West Valley to the East Valley, I exited at Shea and headed toward Lost Dog Wash Trailhead. A few miles off the freeway, I pulled into the parking lot where only a handful of vehicles were awaiting the return of their owners. After turning on my Bluetooth headphones and pouring some H2O into my water bottle I set off on my mission.

The plan was to run out and back to make up the 6.10 miles and I did not have a time in mind for completion. About a mile into the run I was aware of how relatively good I felt. Some of the elevation required me to run more than walk but I never felt fatigued or ill prepared. The cooler whether and the beautiful desert scenery cleared my mind and removed any doubt that I would be successful. 

As I made my ascension and arrived at the Taliesin Overlook I took time to appreciate the view from 2,093 feet up. I also felt a sense of accomplishment because I was halfway to my goal. Heading back towards the trailhead was almost like a victory lap and when I crossed the proverbial finish line when I reached my truck I was proud of myself. 

Longer distances have been logged and more breathtaking landscapes have been experienced, but reaching a goal is something to be celebrated no matter how small. There is a running podcast that I listen to called Marathon Training Academy and they have a slogan, “I can do hard things”. It is easy to not put in the time and to make excuses and often times harder to discipline yourself to surpass a goal. There are ups and downs but on this day I felt good about doing a hard thing and I look forward to stepping up to the next challenge.

Happy Running!

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